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Alliance Secondary Insurance is our Most Popular and Competitive Secondary Health Insurance Program .

We have represented this product since early inception.  Recognizing a quality product and following our philosophy and standard of being proactive, we have grown with this program and firmly believe that it is one of the best cost solutions for employers and employees alike.

Since most companies are with BCBS in the area, we work with your BCBS representative for that particular account so we can coordinate the benefits.

By making some modifications to the primary insurance and coming in with the secondary which pays for the co-pays, coinsurance, and similar out of pocket expenses, the combination has shown to usually save thousands of dollars – we have not seen one employer save less than 10 figures.

The group can be as small as 5 to participate in the Secondary insurance program.  The program is underwritten by a BCBS company of SC.

The employee does not have to file any claims, it is done by the health care provider, just as they would file on your primary insurance.

 Here’s the benefits to the employers:

1.   More affordable group health insurance – we typically improve the plan they currently have

2.  Cost savings on health insurance premiums

3.   Reduction in amount which is taxed on the primary health insurance of 3.5%

4.   Employees save on insurance premiums if they participate (depending on how the employer splits)

5.  Employees save on their out of pocket expenses

6.  Can coordinate, and possibly eliminate Flex spending accounts and management thereof, increasing cash flow for the employer and eliminating the need to make adjustments if an employee terminates employment prior to reimbursing their flex spending account in full, but possibly using all of the benefits.

7.   Employees will be more apt to get the health care they need because they don’t have to worry about the out of pocket expenses.

8.  For employers who have been on this plan for over a year, we have seen decreases in their primary insurance costs because the secondary insurance takes care of so much of the costs typically paid by the primary insurance carrier.

9.  From our experience, this plan is less costly than other plans out there and the employee doesn’t have to file the claims.

This plan is very simple to implement, we need a census of employees and dependents.  To make it even easier, if the employer is on a BCBS group plan, they can download their census and send it to us.

The primary health care plan can be amended at any time – the open enrollment period remains the same

We have recently implemented this plan in a small used auto dealership – we went in on February 28 and the plan was effective on March 1.

We had another firm with an employee who was expecting in a few weeks.  Their current health care plan had a per day up to 5 days co-pay which was about $1500 in that particular case.  We implemented the secondary plan and the employee had her baby and did not have to incur the $1,500 because the secondary plan took care of the expense.

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