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Combination of Property Insurance on the hull of an airplane and Liability Insurance in the following manner.


1. property coverage- provided on an All Risks basis or on a specified perils basis for the hull, autopilots, instruments, radios, and any other equipment in the airplane as described in the policy.


2. liability coverage-provided in the event that the insured’s negligent acts and/or omissions result in bodily injury and/or property damage to passengers and individuals who are not passengers.




Flight schools, Maintenance shops, Hangar keepers Liability, Premises Liability, Charter Operators, Workers Compensation, Airports, Hangars and Contents


This policy will provide liability protection for the operations conducted by an airport. It includes five major sections: airport operations, structural alterations, contractual liability, products liability and hangar keepers legal liability.




When you rent or borrow an aircraft you may not be protected by the owner’s aircraft insurance policy (including your local FBO). If there is an accident you may be held legally liable for damages to the aircraft, or even worse, injuries to others out of your own pocket.


When you are protected by Non-owned Aircraft Liability insurance, you will have the benefit of an aviation insurance company defense if there is a claim. They will also pay damages to others for their injuries and property damage up to the policy liability limits you have selected. You can also purchase coverage, as part of your total limit of liability, which protects your employer when you fly on business