A. G. D. Insurance LLC was founded by Terry Dumer who started her insurance career in 1973.

Terry uses the experience, education and training of 23 years with St Paul Companies and U.S. F. & G.  in dealing with clients.   With a background in both Personal and Business Insurance segments, which included training of agents and their employees, provides a unique set of training, education and experience.  Having seen things on a global level provides insight and hard to match experience and education.

During her career with St Paul Companies in Minnesota, Terry assisted agents in the placement of the majority of the franchise operations with the company.  Some of those programs are still in existence today.

Terry’s passion is to treat each client with personalized care and education.  Most do not understand insurance and believe it is very complicated.  Terry believes that education takes out the fear and unknown with a better understanding of how to manage insurance needs.

The staff at A. G. D. Insurance LLC utilize the same philosophy.   Clients do not have a number, they have a name and each is very important to us.

Being a Member of SIAA (Strategic Insurance Agents Alliance) provides us with a multitude of options and specialty insurance programs.  With a combined premium of over $6 billion dollars, we bring the advantages of this partnership to YOU, the CONSUMER!

Your business, home and other personal items such as autos, boats, motor homes, and other recreational items represents a considerable investment of time, effort and money.  It warrants the service of a company that can provide a comprehensive analysis of all your insurance needs, offer insurance programs that are competitively priced and extend full protection to meet your specific needs.

So, why not contact A. G. D. Insurance LLC and find out what so many others have.